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CREATED: 19/03/2019 @ 14:08, UPDATED: 16/10/2020 @ 15:36 BY: Mark

Can't Print?

There can be several reasons why you can't print, please check the following before asking for IT help:

  1. You may be out of credit.

    This particularly applies to students, but may apply for staff too when your account hasn't been set up properly.  You can log in to with your domain username and password (i.e. the username and password you use to log in to a Campus computer or connect to a Campus printer).  Note: your browser may warn you the connection is insecure - if it was over the Internet, it would be insecure, but it is only available on the Campus network.

    If you are out of credit, you can buy more from the finance office.

  2. Printers may have changed their position on the network.

    Sometimes the network has to be reconfigured for some reason, this may upset the link between your computer and the printer.  First remove all Campus printers, then add the printer again.  See https://i.pku.org.uk/faq/?dir=5&p=10 for help adding a printer.

If you still can't print, submit an IT support ticket at https://i.pku.org.uk/?m=ShowTickets.



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