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CREATED: 25/07/2018 @ 14:46, UPDATED: 28/09/2020 @ 13:19 BY: Mark

How To Add a Printer

Please note that these instructions can be applied to any network printer, pick the right device!

Students will only have access to the student printer (look for "student" in the printer name - if it doesn't have "student" in the name, anything sent to it will be rejected).

Use File Explorer or My Computer (not Internet Explorer) to browse to \\



Right click on the printer you want to connect to then click Connect



Drivers will be installed and the printer will show in Printers on your computer.

If you would like to set this as your default printer, right click on it and select Set as Default Printer



When the printer is set as the default, it will be shown with a tick next to it

Please do not attempt to make a direct connection to any printer, this is strictly against the Acceptable Use Policy.

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