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Spotting Spam / Phishing [PRINT]
CREATED: 13/09/2018 @ 10:21, UPDATED: 23/10/2018 @ 09:46 BY: Mark

Spam and/or Phishing emails are often sent and do get through email security systems.  They will often have a link to a site to get you to submit certain details.

There are many ways to check if a message is not from the implied sender.  Spelling mistakes are quick and obvious, but to be certain, check the URL of the link by hovering over it.  The URL will show in a small pop-up or at the bottom of the screen and will normally got to a site nothing to do with the sender address.



Please note that it’s the last two parts of the domain name that are important, i.e. the bit in red: http://ecoy.de/?email=office@pku-phbs.uk so even if the URL was something like http://microsoft.ecoy.de/?email=office@pku-phbs.uk, the important part is ecoy.de.

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