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CREATED: 09/08/2018 @ 11:35, UPDATED: 31/05/2019 @ 13:37 BY: Mark

To create a web drive letter for a resource on another PC or server, the shared folder or drive can be mapped to a local drive letter.

There are a few shares on the server at \\ or \\DC1


  1. Open File Explorer or This PC

  2. Enter the address of the server or PC you want to map a drive to, e.g. \\DC1 - note the leading \\

  3. Right click on the share (e.g. Companydata) and select Map network drive...

  4. Select the letter you want to map to then check Reconnect at sign-in is ticked then click Finish

  5. The drive letter is now pammed and will open.  Future access to the mapped drive will be as if it were a local drive.

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