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CREATED: 11/11/2020 @ 10:56, UPDATED: 11/11/2020 @ 11:08 BY: Mark
STUDENTS: Where to store files

Do you know where you save your files?

Having recently spent quite a few hours recovering data from my daughter’s laptop, it reminded me that most people save files without the slightest clue as to where.  It’s easy, type a long document, click “save”, type a name and job done.  Well, not quite.  Obviously you saved it because you want to keep it.  But where is it?  By default, Microsoft saves to the local hard disk on your computer.  Unless you have some backup policy, that means just the one copy of the document.  Did you know hard disk drives fail without any warning?  When they fail, everything on them is lost (unless you want to spend thousands of pounds on recovery).  Also, Windows does a pretty good job of committing suicide and will not allow the system to boot which means you can’t access your files.  Although in the boot failure scenario the files can often be recovered (very time consuming and not always possible), it means you are without them for quite a while. 

So, what do you need to do?

First, you need to know where your files are.  Once you know where they are, you can make copies to an external device, like a USB memory stick - always make sure you have at least two copies of any file you feel is important.  You are responsible for all your files, if you want to keep them, make sure you back them up.

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