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CREATED: 12/06/2018 @ 18:07, UPDATED: 01/05/2019 @ 20:23 BY: Mark

FAQ stands for "Frequently Asked Questions." An FAQ (pronounced "fak") is a list of answers to common questions with regards to the IT service provided and cover software, hardware, AV equipment and telephones. They serve as a central reference for locating answers to common questions.

Since FAQs are based on user feedback, they typically evolve over time. For example, a software company may receive a large number of emails regarding a specific step in their software installer. The company may clarify the step in their FAQ so that users can find the answer without needing to email the company. This cuts down on technical support, saving time for both the software company and the end users.

Some software programs and hardware devices come with an FAQ document. In some cases, the FAQ is contained in the "readme" file, though it may also be a separate file or included within a printed manual. Most often, FAQs are located on a website. This allows the respective company or organization to regularly update the FAQ based on users' questions. Most FAQs are located within the "Support" section of a website.

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