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CREATED: 06/09/2018 @ 13:12, UPDATED: 06/09/2018 @ 13:31 BY: Mark

The Microsoft Snip tool is useful for capturing screen shots or partial screen shots.

It can be downloaded from: https://i.pku.org.uk/?m=ShowDownloads&d=/Software

Once installed, it will give a brief tutorial on how to use it and what it can do, though it is easy to forget!

Press the [PRINT SCREEN] button on your keyboard to activate Snip.

Click on a window to select the whole Window or click and drag to select an area.

After capturing, you can use a pen to draw on the captured image:


Or use the highlight tool to mark text or something specific:


If you make a mistake, you can erase part or all of the drawing/highlights:


You can copy (to clipboard), share or save your captured image:


All captures are saved in a library and may be retrieved at a later time:

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