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Student Printing [PRINT]
CREATED: 30/08/2018 @ 10:03, UPDATED: 16/10/2020 @ 16:04 BY: Mark

Student printing will be to the Brother printer in the Student Computer Room.  Pages are priced at £0.08 each (at the time of writing) and an initial credit of £5 will be applied to all student accounts each term.

Extra paper should be available next to the printer, if not, please submit a support ticket to request more.  If toner is low, please also submit a support ticket to request more.

Once credit has been used, extra credit can be purchased from the Finance Office.  Please ask them to submit a ticket requesting the credit be added to your account.

If the printer is not available, browse to \\ then double click on the student printer - this should then install the necessary drivers.

We only support printing from Campus owned computers and do not offer support for your own devices.

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