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CREATED: 01/05/2020 @ 14:48, UPDATED: 01/05/2020 @ 16:02 BY: Mark

Once you have set up OBS as per the

previous guide "OBS 1 - Basics", you may want to start doing things to give a more controlled and professional output.


OBS has "scenes" which you can switch between with a professional fade or some fancy effect.  This means you can swithc between two or more full screen displays giving a better view of something important.

You can set up two or more scenes and easily switch from one to another.  In this guide we will set up two scenes, one will be your web camera and the other will be a web browser (or could just as easily be the output of a Power Point presenetation).

  1. Set up OBS with your web camera as guided in OBS 1 - Basics.
  2. Set up a window capture as guided in OBS 1 - Basics.
  3. By default, OBS will have a single scene.  I would recommend renaming this scene to "[Webcam]":

  4. Type the new scene name and press [ENTER]:

  5. Now make your Web camera display fit the full screen by dragging the corner to expand.  Firsy click on the live web camera display to get the sizing frame then dray to move or drag corners to resize:

    The live output window will now show only your webcam:

  6. Now we need to add a new scene, this one I will calle "[Browser]".  Click the "+" button under the Scemes list:

  7. You will now have a new blank screen with nothing displayed.  You will notice you don't have any "Sources" either.

  8. As before, click the "+" button to add a source:

  9. Select the source you previously set up to capture the browser (or Power Point presentation):

  10. Scale the display to fit the full live view output window:

  11. Click a scene name to switch between scenes.  When you select the [Webcam] scene, you may notice the outline of the Browser source, click the eye next to "Browser" in the source list to hide it:

  12. The output when switching between scenes will look something like this:


You can adjust the scene transition to make the fading between scenes longer, or remove fading altogether.  Various plugins are available to create a range of transitions.

You can also set up more than one scent, so maybe a web camera, a Power Point presentation, a web browser, a video player.  Using scenes allows easy and professional switching between different screens. 

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