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OBS 1 - Basics [PRINT]
CREATED: 29/04/2020 @ 08:53, UPDATED: 01/05/2020 @ 14:54 BY: Mark

OBS is a very powerful (yet free) video recording and pre-streaming package allowing very professional results.

You are advised to familiarise yourself with the basics as this is the chosen pre-streaming package we are using on Campus.

OBS can be downloaded from https://obsproject.com/download.

An important note
Web cameras are designed to be accessed by only one program at a time.  You can't use Zoom and Skype at the same time with both accessing the web camera.  Similarly, you can't use Skype and Zoom at the same time with both accessing the web camera.  However, OBS has "virtual web cam" outputs, it can emulate up to four web cameras where Skype can access on and Zoom can access another.  This, however, requires the "OBS-VirtualCam" plugin which can be downloaded from https://obsproject.com/forum/resources/obs-virtualcam.539.

Installation and basic configuration

  1. Download and run https://obsproject.com/download
  2. Download and run https://obsproject.com/forum/resources/obs-virtualcam.539
  3. Set up a "source" to add anything you want on your output stream, this will be your web camera and maybe one of your screens or a browser window. 

    1. Click "Video Capture Device" and add your webcam:

    2. Add a window as a source. this could ne a PowerPoint output, media (video playback) output, Web browser or any other open window:

  4. Once you have your "sources" added, arrange your screen as you would like it to be displayed to the viewer:

  5. Turn the virtual web cameras on:

    Close the VirtualCam window.

  6. If you would like to record the session:

  7. In Skype or Zoom, go to settings and select one of the VirtualCam:

  8. Mirrored output - if the output to the OBS-Camera (virtual camera) is morrored, go back to OBS:

    The output should now be the right way round:


OBS is very powerful and can be used to create professional output.  A quick Start guide can be seen at https://obsproject.com/wiki/OBS-Studio-Quickstart along with many other guides.




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