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Attendance Record [PRINT]
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Depending on access levels, some of these features may not be available to you.

  1. You need to be logged in to the Intranet to see attendance records
  2. View your own attendance record
  3. Change the view of an attendance record
  4. Print friendly view of attendance record
  5. Add a note to a attendance record
  6. Manually add a time to a attendance recordt
  7. View someone elses attendance record



1 - Log In

Log into the Intranet at https://i.pku.org.uk



2 - View your own attendance record

To see an attendance record, click Attendance Record:


Your attendance record will be shown:



3 - Chaneg the view of an attendance record

You can change the view of the attendance record to show just one month by adjusting the "time range":



4 - Print friendly view

To see a print friendly version of the time sheet, click the [PRINT] link:


This will show just the attendance record:



5 - Add a note

If there is something unusual about your attendance record entry (excessive time or manual entry), a note can be added to explain.  Simply click the + icon at the end of the line and you can add a note:


Type your note and click [GO]:



6 - Manually add a time

If you have forgotten to register your finger when arriving or leaving, you can manually add a time.  You should also add a note to explain why.


Select the date and enter the time in 24 hour format, then click the [ADD] button:


7 - View someone elses attendance record

If you have been granted access to view other people attendance records, you will see an option to select people one by one to view.  You can select the view for each just as you would for your own.

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